The FAT Girl Inside Me is NOT about weight! On the contrary, it is a collection of humorous quotes and memes chronicling every woman’s struggle with her intense appreciation for the pleasure that food brings and the desire to maintain a sense of ‘food discipline’ and a healthy lifestyle.


This book will make you laugh through the STRUGGLE of balancing the pleasure that food brings with working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It chronicles what goes on in the mind of a self-proclaimed FAT girl who constantly thinks about food and how to eat what she likes whenever she wants and still look good and be healthy. This book is NOT about weight loss, being skinny, or succumbing to unrealistic societal expectations. It simply encourages women to be honest about what makes them happy, feel good about themselves, eat the foods they like and not feel guilty about it.


The FAT Girl Inside me doesn't promote living an unhealthy lifestyle, but that you can love food and be healthy at the same time. It amusingly highlights the struggle of balancing the cookies with the cardio. This book will make you laugh, eat, and exercise!

FAT book.