about the FAT girl.

About the FAT Girl
what makes me FAT...


I’m Shajan and I am unapologetically FAT. Yes, FAT… as in Fabulous and Talented with a healthy appetite that I’m not afraid to use in public. To call me a “Foodie” would be too mild of a description. I don’t believe there is a word in the English

language to describe my intense love for

food… and eating it. There’s only one

thing I love as much as food and that’s

looking good in my clothes.

My life is a constant battle between

loving food and not wanting to gain

weight.  But why fight it? I mean,

can’t I eat cupcakes and still look

amazing in my skinny jeans? The

world we live in today would have

you believe the answer is a

resounding “NO!”

Well, I’m here to tell you (and the world) that the answer is YES! And finding this answer is what inspired me to start The Fat Girl Inside Me Movement. I even wrote a book about it! It’s a collection of humorous quotes and memes to help us laugh through balancing the pleasure that food brings us and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

                  This FAT girl movement is NOT about weight, it’s about 

                  want. What I want is to eat whatever I’m hungry for, not

                  gain a pound, and still feel good about myself. This is

                  also NOT about being skinny or succumbing to

                      unrealistic societal expectations. It’s about doing 

                        what makes me happy...enjoying food and not

                         feeling guilty about it. So I eat what I want (most of

                         the time)...and then I exercise so I can eat some

                             more. It’s that simple!